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Travel across the planets of solar system and destroy bases
of the aggressive aliens with your heavily
weaponed and armored truck.

Alien Terminator Deluxe Action, Earth was attacked by aggressive aliens. The invasion has been so sudden that human casualties are incalculable. The invaders have developed an advanced technology and perfect that it destroys everything in the world.Due to the interception of transmissions made by invaders, scientists were able to determine where enemy bases are the same ones that are placed on the planets of the solar system.

The Government of the Kingdom of the land, decided to start the war in enemy territory. Alien Terminator Deluxe was developed to create a mobile military unit, which could destroy all the alien bases.Humanity, united by the single goal, managed to build an army of trucks and heavy armored vehicles. This army is the only hope for people around the planet earth.

Destroy the bases of the aggressive aliens for the sake of humanity.

* Mouse - orientation and displacement
* Key LeftCtrl - main gun
* Key LeftAlt - grenades
* Mouse wheel / camber main weapon
* Spacebar - Super gun
* Keyboard arrow keys - movement

Size: 40 MB
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
License: Free (free)