Cubis 2 mobile game, free for Samsung Instinct, wap code

Free photos by Kathy Thomas, Samsung Instinct, Devils Lake area, North Dakota.
To get a free game of Cubis 2:
go to
Use code to download a full version.
Code is 3471637

Five free games for Samsung Instinct - Cubis,Tetris,Pacman Plus,Bejeweled,Smash It

Free photos by Kathy Thomas, taken with a Samsung Instinct.
Here are new wap codes for five free games that work on Samsung Instinct.
Go to
Use the codes to download free full version games!
Cubis 2 - 3471637
Pacman Plus - 3471573
Bejeweled - 3471622
Smash It - 3471671
Tetris - 3471682
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Free games and apps for Samsung Instinct

Free photos by Kathy Thomas, Samsung Instinct.
To get these free games and apps, go to in your instinct web browser.
Wap Codes
SudokuSpot - 3203
Chess Champion - 35962
Par 72 Golf 2 - 5724
Jacks or Better - 29290
Mini Notepad - 26531
My Waves (video player) - 32496