Free Game Download -Dora the Explorer Game, from Nick JR

 Dora the Explorer Game

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Golden Path Download Free Game


Golden Path Download Free Game

Golden Path
Golden Path Download Free Game

Arcade, Match 3, Downloadable

Shoot colored orbs and be thrilled by the advanced physics system in the game.
When there are three orbs of the same color aligned, they will burst.

Star Wars Free PC Game Download

Free PC Download

Fly your X-Wing into the Death Star defenses and blow it up!
Excellent remake of the sit down arcade classic!
Freeware Game

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Free Mystic Inn Game Download from Big Fish Games

Free Mystic Inn Game Download from Big Fish Games
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Conjure up some fun in this mystical escapade! Playing as Daphne, the unfortunate hostess ensnared by the enchanted Mystic Inn, you serve all of the patrons in order to get magic to upgrade the inn. Once you have fully upgraded the establishment, the spell that locks Daphne within her confines can be broken! Play the potion building mini-game to create power-ups and unlock juggling frogs, a charming harp, your own take-out owl and other items to enhance your adventure!

Free Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 Game Download

Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal Demo
The big download

Ricochet Xtreme - Free Video Game Download


Ricochet Xtreme [Game Download]
 by Reflexive Entertainment
Platform: Windows Vista / XP | ESRB Rating: Everyone
 This title has been rated Everyone

Price: $0.00
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Download size:
22 MB
Download time:
1 - 2 minutes on broadband, 1 hour on dial-up

Todays Free Game-The Mystery of the Crystal Portal: PC Download

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal: PC Download
Download Game

* Game Details
* Unlimited Play
* Unique Hidden Object Gameplay
* Original Storyline
* Stunning Scenes to Search
* Loads of Brain-Bending Fun

Embark on a brain-bending adventure.
Read Full Description

Embark on a brain-bending adventure that's full of unique hidden object fun in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal. Journalist Nicole Rankwist has always been close to her archaeologist father. When her father goes missing, Nicole knows she has to find him. After all, he had apparently just made a discovery that could "change the course of humanity". Join Nicole as she searches the globe on a quest to find her father and discover the truth behind the Crystal Portal. Featuring innovative hidden object gameplay, an intriguing storyline, stunning full-screen graphics and more, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a thrilling escape.

Free Game - Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold, Usually $6.99, BigFishGames

BigFishGames - Free Game - Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold
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Free PC Game - Bugatron Worlds - Free Today Only!

Game Details

* 65 Challenging Levels
* Gorgeous 3D Graphics
* Easy to Learn and Play
* Loads of Power-Ups

Blast off to bug-filled fun in outer space with this exciting arcade challenge.
Read Full Description

Blast off to bug-filled fun in outer space with this exciting arcade challenge from the creators of Cosmic Bugs. Blast away wave after wave of colorful invaders. Explosive power-ups will give you an extra edge, but it's going to take quick reflexes and careful aim to repel these foes. Featuring gorgeous graphics, addictive gameplay, and loads of surprises, Bugatron Worlds is the ultimate treat for gamers looking for fast fun for the entire family!


Big Kahuna Reef, Free Game Download, from Amazon, PC Game

Big Kahuna Reef, Free Game Download
Platform: Windows XP
Price: $0.00
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Download size: 7 MB
Download time: 1 minute on broadband, 17 minutes on dial-up

iPhone / Touch Game, iMobsters, FREE for limited time, usually $3.99


** LIMITED TIME PROMOTION! Get iMobsters™ plus 40 Favor Points for FREE! **

Start as a petty thief and rise to become the Mafia Don by bringing others into your mob and spreading your influence throughout the city. Fight other mobsters in the most immersive massively multiplayer online game ever!

- Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Mafia Game!
- Join over 1.6 million players!
- Fight other players LIVE
- FREE updates with new missions, weapons, real estate, and more!
- Arm your mob with the most powerful weapons, armor, and vehicles
- Control the city by acquiring real estate and extracting a fat income from them
- Bring friends into your mob to make it stronger
- Perform numerous dangerous missions
- Enjoy gorgeous graphics
- Enjoy realistic mafia sounds
- Loot rare items
- Get real time updates
- Add players to the hit list
- Comment on other mobsters' profiles
- Broadcast messages to your mob
- ...and much, much more!

- This is an online game only. iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.


What's new
- Bank screen now uses a number pad instead of default keyboard input
- Small bug fixes

Free Madden 2010 AFL Legacy pack for PlayStation

This is for Playstation systems only.

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Free Screensavers - Thinking of You, Baby

Thanking of you baby
Free Screensavers by William Thomas. Enjoy!

Today's Free Game - Ashtons - Family Resort

Ashtons - Family Resort
* Game Details* Unlimited Play
* Four Unique Locations
* Over 50 Challenging Levels
* Colorful Full-Screen Graphics
* Fast Family Fun

Join the Ashtons as they create family fun for everyone!

Join the Ashtons as they create family fun for everyone in Ashtons - Family Resort. When the Ashtons strike it rich, they decide to pursue their dream of opening a resort full of family fun. Follow the Ashtons as they travel the world, open a series of colorful resorts in exotic locations, and keep their guests happy with special treats and exciting recreational options. Between levels upgrade your resort, add new features, and even donate your winnings to charity for a very special reward! An engaging time management challenge, Ashtons - Family Resort features over 50 fast-paced levels, matching mini-games, vivid graphics, and more. Check in to Ashtons - Family Resort for family fun!

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Today's Free Game - Eco Match

Download Free

Eco Match
* Over 100 Puzzling Levels
* Three Types of Match-3 Challenges: Swap, Drop, and Flood
* Complete 21 Earth-Saving Projects
* Earn Unique Power-Ups
* Perfect for All Ages

Save planet Earth, one match at a time, in this colorful puzzle challenge.
Read Full Description

Save planet Earth, one match at a time, in Eco Match, an original puzzle challenge that reminds you, it's keen to be green! As the leader of WorldSAFE, it's up to you to travel the globe on a series of assignments designed to save endangered species, restore vanishing forests, clean up pollution, and more in over 100 levels of ecological puzzle action. Every assignment features one of three exciting variations of match-3 puzzle play, interesting information about the planet, and a special animal friend! A worldwide adventure of fun for all ages, play Eco Match today!

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Stranded 2 - Make yourself a home on a strange island filled with adventure FREE

Stranded 2

Game Description

Are you a creative survivor?
In Stranded 2 you suddenly find yourself alone and lost on a desert island without any supplies. The challenge is to survive another day by finding food, shelter, and even a few weapons. But this game goes beyond mere survival, as you'll be learning how to tame wild animals and go on quests to find hidden treasures!
With cool graphics, a richly detailed game play environment, and a big island to explore, you're sure to find yourself lost in fun for many hours with this excellent freeware adventure game.

Download Details
  • Win 2000/XP
  • 13 MB
  • Unlimited Play
  • This game is Freeware and not supported.
by Brandie Berini (Fort Myers, FL,usa)
Wow this game keeps you on your toes, makes you laugh and at the end of a long day at work I look forward to going to my Island! I love adventure games and this by far takes the cake for free games. I would pay 19.99 for this game! But I am glad it was free! Easy start, easy directions, and you learn as you go. Great to keep you on your feet and exercise your brain!

King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Throne, free full version

King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Throne

Game Description

King Graham is a Bit Lonely
Sir Graham, the hero of the original King's Quest, is now ruler of Daventry. Although the land is at peace, King Graham is lonely. After looking at his magic mirror, he sees a vision of a beautiful woman in distress who just happens to be pretty enough to resuce.
Donning his sword and adventuring hat, the king travels to a far off land, full of danger and surprises, to search for his bride.
High Quality Adventure
King's Quest 2 is a fantastic point and click adventure game. The graphics are great considering it was originally made in 1985. The puzzles are fun and the story has a load of chuckles woven in. Definitely worth the download.
Stuck in the game? Check out this walkthrough.

Download Details
  • Win 2000/XP
  • 43.4 MB
  • Unlimited Play
  • This game is Freeware and not supported.

by Ada Tran (Seattle, WA)
ADGI did a great job updating the graphics and sounds for this game.  Play it with the volume high because the music and the voices are great. I could hardly believe that the game was free.  It had great intricate plots and twists and turns.  People that you first meet that are your friends later become your enemies and vice versa.  It’s a really intelligent game and the solutions to the puzzles leave you with a sigh of satisfaction each time because they are just the right level of complexity and really logical in hindsight.  It’s a game that you can really think through by listening to the characters as they talk and reading stray messages carefully, and not one of those mindless games where you just click everything within sight.  The map in the walkthrough really helps and makes the game a lot more interesting because your wanderings won’t be random anymore.  Definitely try it out.  It’s free and has less bugs than the version in stores!

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - FREE stand alone multiplayer game

The Story…
Originally slated as a retail expansion for Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory was released as freeware when the team encountered problems with the solo portion. Splash Damage released a retail follow-up in 2007, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which is based on the Quake universe.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

This FREE stand alone multiplayer game takes the Wolfenstein online action to the next level with teamplay you'll die for (Again and again!) and more class based, campaign crushing juice than you have the right to dream about! The final release version of ET includes six multiplayer maps and a full campaign mode. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free, stand alone Quake III engine game. You need only what you download to play!

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Developer: Splash Damage
Publisher: Activision
genre: Team first-person shooter
Year: 2003
Download size: 271MB

“Impressive enough to keep a gamer busy for the rest of their lives without ever having to shell out”

An offshoot of Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory is a team-based FPS played online or over a local area network. Naturally it adopts the WWII theme from its progenitor, splitting teams into Axis and Allied factions and fighting on a range of different maps and modes. Its popularity has as much to do with its quality as the price.

The Story…
Originally slated as a retail expansion for Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory was released as freeware when the team encountered problems with the solo portion. Splash Damage released a retail follow-up in 2007, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which is based on the Quake universe.


FREE CODES - McDonald's Monopoly Game, play this free online game and win BIG Prizes

Game begins 10/6/09
Here is a pregame code - Hurry!

Free Code I6L6V4N4T09
(Pre-game 9/22) 2009 MONOPOLY® GAME AT McDONALD'S® 11/16/09
(Pre-promotion period begins Sept 22 '09 and ends Oct 6 '09)

Every day, Oct. 6 – Nov. 2, we'll be giving an Online player the chance at $1 MILLION* and every night you can tune in to NBC to see the 2009 MONOPOLY Game at McDonald's $1 MILLION* Dice Roll!

McDonald’s® and NBC Universal announced an unprecedented partnership to promote the 2009 MONOPOLY® Game at McDonald’s new “$1 Million Dollar Dice Roll” on-air during the Network’s highly-anticipated Fall line-up, including “The Tonights Show,” “Sunday Night Football” and other prime time programs. For 29 consecutive days beginning October 6, NBC’s primetime talent will trigger a MONOPOLY Game at McDonald’s Dice Machine on behalf of McDonald’s customers vying for a chance to win either $10,000 or $1 million dollars.

McDonald’s customers who enter the code found on their game stamps will get the chance to have the Monopoly dice rolled on their behalf on-air by logging on to One game player each day is guaranteed to land on “Chance” on the virtual game board, and will be the recipient of the on-air Monopoly Game at McDonald’s dice roll by NBC’s primetime personalities. If a double six is rolled, the player will win the $1 million dollar prize, while all other combinations will result in a guaranteed $10,000 prize.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. You will need Internet access and a valid email address to participate. The Online Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes is open only to residents of the U.S. and Canada who are 13 years of age or older (except residents of the State of Maine who must be 18 years of age or older) as of September 22, 2009. Online Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes starts 12:00:00 midnight ET 9/22/09 & ends 10/5/09 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET in the (50) U.S. and D.C. ("U.S.") at; Online Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes in Canada starts12:00:00 (midnight) ET 9/29/09 and ends 10/5/09 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET at collectively the ("Pre-Promotion Period"). How to Play. Use the FREE Code "I6L6V4N4T09" offered during the Pre-Promotion Period. FREE Codes can be obtained (a) at in the U.S. or at in Canada; (b) in various Game communications; or (c) simply use the FREE Code "I6L6V4N4T09". To register go to in the U.S. or at in Canada. OR When you have obtained the FREE Code, access the Website and follow the directions to register. After you complete the registration and input the FREE Code, click on the "Play Now" button. You can also play the FREE Code via your text enabled mobile phone instead of at the Website by texting the FREE Code to Short Code 96363. However, you must go Online and complete and submit your registration during the Pre-Promotion Period in order to receive your Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes entry. Text play is not available is Canada. You can stop mobile play at any time by texting the word STOP to 96363. Stopping text message play will have no effect o your ability to participate or win, and you can continue to play Online. You can get help at any time by texting the word HELP to 96363 or call 877-486-6330 or go to and click on FAQ's. YOUR WIRELESS PLAN'S MESSAGE AND DATA RATES MAY APPLY. However you play, when your FREE Code submission and Online registration are received and recorded by the Game Computer during the Online Pre-Promotion Period, you will receive one entry into the Online Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes drawing and you will also receive one random roll of the dice (within 2-12 spaces) to collect one (1) property, but the roll will not trigger a win. Limit one (1) Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes entry per eligible Participant and/or My Account and/or email address regardless of number of FREE Codes entered. If Sponsor determines that multiple entries are received from any eligible participant and/or My Account and/or email address, including multiple entries by the same entrant using different email addresses, Sponsor will disqualify the entrant and invalidate all entries submitted by that entrant for the entire Pre-Promotion Period. Prize & Prize Selection Details: *On October 6, 2009, one (1) potential winner will be selected in a random drawing conducted by an independent organization selected by Sponsor, from among all eligible entries. The selected potential winner will receive as a prize the results of a Monopoly random dice roll (the "$1 Million Monopoly Dice Roll") to be conducted under the supervision of an independent auditor. The roll results can be seen at where it will remain available until the end of the Online Game. The value of the prize will be determined by the outcome of the roll. If the roll is two (2) sixes (6 & 6), the person selected to receive the results of the roll will receive $1 Million, payable $50,000 a year for twenty (20) years without interest; but if the random dice roll produces any other result, the winner will receive a check for $10,000. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Odds > rolling two (2) sixes (6&6) are 1 in 36. Potential Winner will be contacted by telephone and/or email and a traceable method of mail and will be required to complete and return all required documents in five (5) days or said potential winner will be disqualified, and forfeit the prize. If the potential winner is a Canadian resident, he/she will be required to correctly answer a timed mathematical skill testing question without assistance of any kind. The Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes is available in the U.S. and Canada and is subject to all requirements, terms and conditions of the Official Rules. Void where prohibited.

°$100,000 Online Jackpot Sweepstakes — Each valid Game Stamp Code entry (limit 10 per day) during the Online Game Period (October 6, 2009 through November 16, 2009) will earn the participant one (1) entry into the random Drawing for the chance to win $100,000. FREE Codes are not eligible for Sweepstakes entry. On or about November 17, 2009, one (1) winner will be randomly selected to receive the $100,000 prize, subject to verification and compliance with the Official Rules.

++ FREE Codes: Can be used only once per registration and allow Online Game players to register, collect one property, but will not trigger a win or entry into the $100,000 Online Jackpot Sweepstakes Drawing.

^^Shell Gift Cards: $500 Shell Gift Card Instant Win Stamps and $50 Shell Online Prizes can be used only for purchases of goods and services at Shell locations in the U.S. and the card is not redeemable for cash. No change will be given, except in states that require redemption for cash. No expiration date. Card is subject to terms and conditions found at Prize may be awarded as a pre-paid MasterCard in NJ, VA and where Shell fuel and products are not available. Quarter Hourly prizes may be available at any time during the applicable Quarter Hour and, once won, will not be available again until the next Quarter Hour.

‡My Coke Rewards®: My Coke Rewards Points are awarded in twenty five (25) point bundles and have value only within the My Coke Rewards program and must be posted into your account (existing or new) and used by 11:59 pm ET on 12/31/09. My Coke Rewards (the Program) open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. and D.C. ages 13 and older. Points have no value outside the Program and can only be redeemed for rewards in the Program. Subject to Rules found at®.

♢ Boingo Wi-Fi: Prize equals 2 hours of Boingo Wi-Fi at participating McDonald's and North American Airports. User must provide access pass code to redeem free Wi-Fi. User can connect on 3 separate occasions. The prize expires on 2/15/10. Subject to terms and conditions at Quarter Hourly prizes may be available at any time during the applicable Quarter Hour and, once won, will not be available again until the next Quarter Hour.

+Xbox 360® Arcade Entertainment System: Prize includes Xbox 360 Console and wireless controller. Xbox prize is available only on Large Fries, Angus Burger (not available in Guam & Saipan), or without a purchase by mail.

Codes will be in comments, add yours!

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul - Free Game Download, Full Version, 100% Free

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul - Free Game Download, Full Version, 100% Free

Like Allegiance (see below), this is another one of those hybrid games where most players take on an action/FPS type role, while a commander plays a more traditional RTS game, selecting units and giving orders—only the units are all controlled by real people. Released for free about a year ago, Savage 2 is still supported (there was a patch in early February). There's ranged and melee combat, siege units, etc. This is the full game, NOT A DEMO!    GET IT HERE

Fancy Pants Adventures - Free PC Game

This is of the best flash games of the last few years. Fancy Pants Adventures is a side-scrolling platform game with slick animation and clever levels. Once you finish the first world, check out World 2. Honestly, with a few more worlds added this could easy go as a Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network game.

Free Game - Ikariam, PC Browser Game


A slow-paced strategy game you can pop in and play once a day on the web, Ikarium.

Take control of a town on a small Mediterranean island in this browser-based strategy multiplayer game. The pace is leisurely to the point of being something you only need to check in on from time to time. Set your people to gather some resources and start construction on a new building or two, then check in on your little corner of the world in a few hours. Ikariam is built for this—close your browser window whenever and your workers continue to work, your researchers continue to research…you get the idea.

You're playing with other real people, so there is opportunity for diplomacy, trading, and armed conflict. You can spend real-world money to buy "Ambrosia" which you then exchange for increased resource gathering rates or advanced features that let you see more of your buildings at a glance, but the whole game is essentially playable for free. It's actually a fairly deep, yet accessible game that's quite easy to play without a lot of time investment.
Play Now Free

Free Game - Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates
One of the more popular free games on the 'net, Puzzle Pirates is a persistent MMO with a very casual bent. You create a cute pirate that looks like a Playmobile figure, and sail the seven seas in search of pieces 'o eight. The catch is, each activity (and there are many, from manning the guns to repairing the ship to bilging out water) is performed with a simple puzzle game. Everyone on the ship plays their puzzle at the same time, and the cumulative performance determines how well your ship does. There are tons of community features, lots of help and tutorials, tournaments, clans, etc. There is a money angle, though—you can play for free forever, but you can also purchase a subscription or buy doubloons to access more advanced features.
You may also download the game to your desktop.

Free PC Game ,Own the full version of Haunted Hotel for FREE! ($20 value) No credit card required!

Haunted Hotel
After crashing his car on the side of the road, a bewildered traveler finds himself checking in to the Haunted Hotel! In Haunted Hotel, you must explore frightful floors full of spooky rooms to find Hidden Objects in creepy crevices. Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure full of mysterious mini-games and addictive Hidden Object game play!
  • In-room bonuses.
  • Addictive mini-games!
  • Unpredictable ending!
 Free PC Game-Splash , Own the full version of Haunted Hotel for FREE! ($20 value) No credit card required!

Gratis Gaming Goodness - Free PC Games, Grand Theft Auto & Grand Theft Auto 2

'Grand Theft Auto' & 'Grand Theft Auto 2'
When the original Grand Theft Auto first hit the PC in 1998, the game was already courting controversy: its brazenly amoral gameplay actually rewarded the player for wanton criminal conduct. But competing titles such as Carmageddon--a Death Race 2000-inspired car combat racer that awarded points for mowing down as many pedestrians as possible--were an easier lightning rod for critics. By comparison, GTA's cartoonish, top-down 2D point-of-view seemed like little more than an amped-up Hot Wheels. Grand Theft Auto 2 refined the gameplay of the original title the following year, but Rockstar wouldn't perfect the formula until taking the mayhem 3D in 2001 with Grand Theft Auto III. For gamers familiar with only such 21st-century GTA landscapes of Vice City and San Andreas, the company has subsequently released the original two games--reoptimized for current PCs and Windows versions--as free downloads. The price of a taste of GTA history? You'll need to sign up for Rockstar's mailing list before you can pull down the files.
Grand Theft Auto: Read review
Download complete Windows game (336MB) from Rockstar's Web site (registration required): Free download
Grand Theft Auto 2: Read review
Download complete Windows game (353MB) from Rockstar's Web site (registration required): Free download