Sims 2 free game for Samsung Instinct

Free photo by Kathy Thomas, taken with a Samsung Instinct.

To get Sims 2 on your Samsung Instinct (free, full version):
go to in your Instinct browser. Use wap code 3971037 to download the game.

Ten Free Mobile Games for Samsung Instinct, wap codes

Free photos by Kathy Thomas.

To get these free games go to and enter the code to download full version games, no sign up, no ads.
Wap codes:
CSI Miami - 3888645
Diner Dash - 3888666
Jewel Quest 2 - 3888772
Puzzle Quest, Warlords - 3888818
Scene It - 3888825
Wedding Dash - 3888844
Wheel of Fortune - 3888848
Zuma - 3888861
Platinum Solitaire - 3888781
Bejeweled - 3888564

Free games for Samsung Instinct, wap codes, big list

Here is a new list of wap codes for ad free, full version games for Samsung Instinct.
To get the games, go to in your Instinct web browser. Use the wap codes to download the games, free.
Smash It - 3471671
Sexy Tower Quest - 3471667
Sudoku - 3471673
Super Yum Yum 2 - 3471676
Cubis - 3471637
Frogger - 3471648
Guitar Hero 3 - 3417505
Jeopardy - 3471552
Pacman Plus - 3471573
Millionaire - 3471607
The Dark Knight - 3471688

Block Breaker - free mobile game for Samsung Instinct, full version

Free photo by Kathy Thomas.
Free Block Breaker game, full version , mobile game for Samsung Instinct. (Touch Screen)
Go to in your Instinct web browser. Enter wap code 3888568 to download the game free. I have a simply everything plan with Sprint that includes unlimited data transfer. It's free for me to play games, watch YouTube, etc. without incurring extra data charges on my phone bill.

Free 1 vs 100 mobile game for Samsung Instinct

Free photo by Kathy Thomas. Taken at 65 miles per hour out the window of a Semi!
Go to in your Instinct web browser and enter the wap code to download the full version of 1 vs 100 game. Wap code is 3888551
This game is one of my favorites, based on the TV game show.
To get the other free games listed on this site, use the search box in the right hand margin. Enter free games in the search box and the whole list will come up.

$5000 Reward - Wanted Team Drivers, Females Welcome

Free photo of Two Palms beach near Inglis, Florida taken by Kathy Thomas, Samsung Instinct.

Paramount Freight Systems

Trucking Jobs for Women

Free photo by Kathy Thomas, Samsung Instinct, Dallas,Texas.
Here, the right man for the job is often a woman.
US Xpress has 1200 female drivers.

Teams Needed - Christenson Transportation,Inc.

Women In Trucking Association
Mission: Women In Trucking was established to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women in trucking.