Today's Free Game - Eco Match

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Eco Match
* Over 100 Puzzling Levels
* Three Types of Match-3 Challenges: Swap, Drop, and Flood
* Complete 21 Earth-Saving Projects
* Earn Unique Power-Ups
* Perfect for All Ages

Save planet Earth, one match at a time, in this colorful puzzle challenge.
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Save planet Earth, one match at a time, in Eco Match, an original puzzle challenge that reminds you, it's keen to be green! As the leader of WorldSAFE, it's up to you to travel the globe on a series of assignments designed to save endangered species, restore vanishing forests, clean up pollution, and more in over 100 levels of ecological puzzle action. Every assignment features one of three exciting variations of match-3 puzzle play, interesting information about the planet, and a special animal friend! A worldwide adventure of fun for all ages, play Eco Match today!

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Stranded 2 - Make yourself a home on a strange island filled with adventure FREE

Stranded 2

Game Description

Are you a creative survivor?
In Stranded 2 you suddenly find yourself alone and lost on a desert island without any supplies. The challenge is to survive another day by finding food, shelter, and even a few weapons. But this game goes beyond mere survival, as you'll be learning how to tame wild animals and go on quests to find hidden treasures!
With cool graphics, a richly detailed game play environment, and a big island to explore, you're sure to find yourself lost in fun for many hours with this excellent freeware adventure game.

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  • Win 2000/XP
  • 13 MB
  • Unlimited Play
  • This game is Freeware and not supported.
by Brandie Berini (Fort Myers, FL,usa)
Wow this game keeps you on your toes, makes you laugh and at the end of a long day at work I look forward to going to my Island! I love adventure games and this by far takes the cake for free games. I would pay 19.99 for this game! But I am glad it was free! Easy start, easy directions, and you learn as you go. Great to keep you on your feet and exercise your brain!

King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Throne, free full version

King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Throne

Game Description

King Graham is a Bit Lonely
Sir Graham, the hero of the original King's Quest, is now ruler of Daventry. Although the land is at peace, King Graham is lonely. After looking at his magic mirror, he sees a vision of a beautiful woman in distress who just happens to be pretty enough to resuce.
Donning his sword and adventuring hat, the king travels to a far off land, full of danger and surprises, to search for his bride.
High Quality Adventure
King's Quest 2 is a fantastic point and click adventure game. The graphics are great considering it was originally made in 1985. The puzzles are fun and the story has a load of chuckles woven in. Definitely worth the download.
Stuck in the game? Check out this walkthrough.

Download Details
  • Win 2000/XP
  • 43.4 MB
  • Unlimited Play
  • This game is Freeware and not supported.

by Ada Tran (Seattle, WA)
ADGI did a great job updating the graphics and sounds for this game.  Play it with the volume high because the music and the voices are great. I could hardly believe that the game was free.  It had great intricate plots and twists and turns.  People that you first meet that are your friends later become your enemies and vice versa.  It’s a really intelligent game and the solutions to the puzzles leave you with a sigh of satisfaction each time because they are just the right level of complexity and really logical in hindsight.  It’s a game that you can really think through by listening to the characters as they talk and reading stray messages carefully, and not one of those mindless games where you just click everything within sight.  The map in the walkthrough really helps and makes the game a lot more interesting because your wanderings won’t be random anymore.  Definitely try it out.  It’s free and has less bugs than the version in stores!