Free Game - Ikariam, PC Browser Game


A slow-paced strategy game you can pop in and play once a day on the web, Ikarium.

Take control of a town on a small Mediterranean island in this browser-based strategy multiplayer game. The pace is leisurely to the point of being something you only need to check in on from time to time. Set your people to gather some resources and start construction on a new building or two, then check in on your little corner of the world in a few hours. Ikariam is built for this—close your browser window whenever and your workers continue to work, your researchers continue to research…you get the idea.

You're playing with other real people, so there is opportunity for diplomacy, trading, and armed conflict. You can spend real-world money to buy "Ambrosia" which you then exchange for increased resource gathering rates or advanced features that let you see more of your buildings at a glance, but the whole game is essentially playable for free. It's actually a fairly deep, yet accessible game that's quite easy to play without a lot of time investment.
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Free Game - Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates
One of the more popular free games on the 'net, Puzzle Pirates is a persistent MMO with a very casual bent. You create a cute pirate that looks like a Playmobile figure, and sail the seven seas in search of pieces 'o eight. The catch is, each activity (and there are many, from manning the guns to repairing the ship to bilging out water) is performed with a simple puzzle game. Everyone on the ship plays their puzzle at the same time, and the cumulative performance determines how well your ship does. There are tons of community features, lots of help and tutorials, tournaments, clans, etc. There is a money angle, though—you can play for free forever, but you can also purchase a subscription or buy doubloons to access more advanced features.
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