Free Samsung Instinct games -codes



Go to this website on your instinct:

The hard part is done for you guys by uploading the games to this website, all you need is the specific codes to download them to your phone.

So here they are...

Enter 3408401

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Enter 3408394

Wheel Of Fortune
Enter 3408390

The Dark Knight
Enter 3408385

Enter 3408363

Enter 3408328

CSI: Miami
Enter 3408235

Pac-Man Plus
Enter 2541898

Midnight Bowling
Enter 2460586

Guitar Hero III
Enter 2460457

Enter 2460063

Enter 2460437

Gods Of War
Code: 2225432

Block Breaker
Code: 2281698

WSOP Pro Poker Challenge
Code: 3129089

Super Yum Yum 2
Code: 3129068

Sexy Tower Quest
Code: 3129061

Scene It
Code: 3129050

Platinum Solitaire
Code: 3129024

Puzzle Quest
Code: 3129017

Wedding Dash
Code: 3129010

Jewel Quest II
Code: 3128924

EA Sudoku
Code: 3128889

Brain Challenge
Code: 3128765

Smarter than a 5th Grader
Code: 3128636

Ms Pacman
Code: 3128334

Diner Dash
Code: 3127941

Free Screensavers- Nature, Devils Lake, Mississippi River

Free Photos by Kathy Thomas, Samsung Instinct.

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Free Photos of Arizona by William Thomas, Samsung Instinct.
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