Stranded 2 - Make yourself a home on a strange island filled with adventure FREE

Stranded 2

Game Description

Are you a creative survivor?
In Stranded 2 you suddenly find yourself alone and lost on a desert island without any supplies. The challenge is to survive another day by finding food, shelter, and even a few weapons. But this game goes beyond mere survival, as you'll be learning how to tame wild animals and go on quests to find hidden treasures!
With cool graphics, a richly detailed game play environment, and a big island to explore, you're sure to find yourself lost in fun for many hours with this excellent freeware adventure game.

Download Details
  • Win 2000/XP
  • 13 MB
  • Unlimited Play
  • This game is Freeware and not supported.
by Brandie Berini (Fort Myers, FL,usa)
Wow this game keeps you on your toes, makes you laugh and at the end of a long day at work I look forward to going to my Island! I love adventure games and this by far takes the cake for free games. I would pay 19.99 for this game! But I am glad it was free! Easy start, easy directions, and you learn as you go. Great to keep you on your feet and exercise your brain!