BOLT Browser BETA3 for Samsung Instinct or Blackberry

BOLT Browser BETA3 Invitation for Samsung Instinct.


BOLT, the new mobile web browser from Bitstream.

In response to your interest in BOLT's beta program, we're happy to provide you with access to a BOLT beta download.

BOLT is still in beta testing, which means that you may encounter a bug or two as you install or run the browser, however our security and privacy controls are complete.

To install BOLT on your phone, please direct your phone's native browser to one of the links below and follow the onscreen instructions to download and install BOLT.

Please note that each mobile device implements a set of security policies that determine if an application is allowed to run. As a security measure, some devices require downloaded applications to be signed with an appropriate certificate to be allowed to run.

BOLT is signed with third-party certificates from VeriSign and Thawte. These signatures enable the device OS to confirm BOLT's authenticity, provide access to secure device APIs, and help ensure that BOLT is free from malware and/or viruses. Signed applications enable you to use BOLT with fewer permission dialogs for file and network access from your device's OS.

* For BlackBerry devices, you will need to install the following BlackBerry specific version:
BlackBerry specific build:

* For regular devices we recommend you install the dual signed version first, followed by VeriSign then Thawte signed. If you have any trouble installing any of these three versions, install the unsigned version:
Dual Signed Build:
Verisign Signed Build:
Thawte Signed Build:
Unsigned Build:

*If none of the above BOLT versions work with your device, please try downloading one of the BOLT lite versions:
Dual Signed Build:
Verisign Signed Build:
Thawte Signed Build:
Unsigned Build:

As one of the first people to try out this service, we would really appreciate hearing your feedback! At you can leave feedback, request support, or troubleshoot basic issues via our FAQ page.

Finally, we want to say thanks for being one of the first to test-drive BOLT. We're working hard to build the best mobile browser possible but all our ideas and internal testing will never compare to the feedback we get from our beta testers. Please let us know your likes and dislikes, as we truly value your feedback.

If you have any issues installing or running BOLT please contact our support department at
For quick help you can also visit


BOLT team at Bitstream